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Frequently Asked

We recommend that you hard-measure your waist line with a tailors tape at the belt line for cold hard ‘inches’. Or if you have to try measuring your belt on a flat surface- start from your favorite torn hole and measure to the very end of the buckle tip or pin. Be sure to measure correctly or it could be less than perfect; good measures mean good fit.
(There are NO returns!)

Find the nearest half inch for an ideal fit. After all, we want you to have it forever…

An inch is NOT a pant size it’s unit of linear measure equal to one twelfth of a foot (2.54 cm).

Well that all really just depends… Belts typically take about 4 weeks to recieve. If your ordering something simple and clean it should be faster. On the other hand if we are doing fancy It could take longer.

I promise it’ll be worth the wait.

Quality can not be rushed. A wise man once told me that there is cheap, fast, and good. But you can’t have all three. Email me, but it could get expensive.


Were always interested in making new relationships, please email leather@skinandbonez.com to inquire about our wholesale partnership.


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