We build lifetime belts.

The Maker


Collin Greenleaf

Skin and Bonez was officially established in 2010 from the last of a bank account, and aspirations to provide unique personal items made better than the commodity grade many people purchase. Seeking to prove better value; offering products made to order- just for you.

Quality work by a real person, inspired by what I think is cool. I never had a formal plan, just aspiration to apply common sense, a personal touch, and make quality shit that feels good and last’s forever.

A vision for awesomeness people can get behind…

I find interest in something that is always different to work with. There are ever changing challenges with a material that has color variations, different thicknesses, and unique imperfections.

Although I am not a big proponent of the use of leather as use for fashion. I am an advocate of an organic product that when cared for will last your whole life. A product that forms to your body, looks and ages beautifully, and most of all has a cool story.

Also I love putting my stink on things, people are receptive- and that feels good.

If only for the visit, I appreciate it.